Free Music Archive: C3S – Ignition Mix

Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Wir unterstützen bekanntlich die Gründung der GEMA-Alternative C3S. Um den baldigen Start des Crowdfundings, bei dem dann alle Musiker, aber auch Nicht-Musiker mitmachen können, zu feiern, gibt es bei Free Music Archive einen CC-Sampler zum Download, auf dem auch ein Track von uns dabei ist 🙂

C3S :: Ignition Mix marks the start of the Cultural Commons Collecting Society’s (C3S) launching phase. By 15th July 2013, C3S kicks off a crowdfunding campaign to give supporters the opportunity to purchase shares and join C3S in becoming an alternative to dusted collecting societies.

Singvøgel’s take on C3S:

„It’s time for a fair and modern alternative to traditional collecting societies. One that gives artists full control over their work and business and listeners the security to know exactly what they are allowed to do. Based on every single piece, No total-buy-out on the one side, no criminalisation on the other. With a fair distribution of revenues. And with the option to give away single pieces for free and to earn money for others. Because every piece of music is a unique entity and deserves to be treated unique.“

Was das mit dieser C3S überhaupt soll hat -> Sven hier in seinem Blog beschrieben

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