Die Singvøgel „Hart am Rande“ (CD-Kritik)

Die Singvøgel are Karan (vocals, guitars, flutes and keyboards) and Duke Meyer (vocals, guitars, e-bass, synthesizer, drum computer, organ and e-piano). Together, these two „love birds“ make gentle, melodic music, even if Duke keeps trying to introduce a darker side to the tracks – music, to my mind, more in the vein of the romantic than the sublime. Music that might be staged in one of the smaller tents during your local folk festival, which is not to say that the quality of the music isn’t good. To the contrary, die Singvøgel are probably your perfect Sunday afternoon local pub band. Check out their website for more information and biographies, as well as song lyrics, tourdates, and contact details: (…)

Kathy Tan in „FolkWorld CD Review“ Jan. 2006

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